We combine facts and figures with creative techniques to offer a unique learning experience. Get home feeling informed and inspired.

Our approach has been tried & tested by hundreds of parents

Our tools are unique & crafted by designers

Based on over five years of experience accompa­nying over 300 families and running events across London we’ve created original tools such as the Constellation Finder™, the Time Tracker™ , and our modular Anchor House™ to uncover household dynamics, make parents face their expectations, and empower families to act swiftly.

Short, sharp, and fully immersive

Our approach includes individual tasks, small group exercises, as well as plenary discussions. We draw on scientific research and personal experien­ces to create an animated learning environment.

Participants take an active role in shaping their experience and so every group is different. Some like to spend more time discussing challenges, others prefer to focus on solutions. Our goal is to give every parent the perspective they need to make raising multilingual children actionable.

Get the insights of a native trilingual raising native tri­lingual children


Madalena was born in Brussels to a Greek father and German mother and has experienced first hand what it means to grow up with a multitude of cultures and languages.

This has shaped her life. Being a mother herself she is excited to provide her children and others the same opportunities of multilingualism she’s had. She has experience managing language-specific playgroups, has de­ve­loped a full course program for 0-5 year olds, co-created an immersive sports program, and advises a variety of pop-up play sche­mes across London. Her background in design allows her to translate dry academic findings into practical ideas which can be implemented immediately.


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