We combine facts and figures with current discussions and creative techniques to offer a unique learning experience. Get home feeling informed and inspired.


Designed for parents trying to raise multilingual children, for expecting couples, people interested in the subject, and those who wish to receive another boost. Find the size and format that best suits your needs and book your place. 


Individual 3 hour Workshop - available Monday to Thursday

Grab a friend and let us run a workshop from the comfort of your home. You won't need to organise extra childcare and can relax knowing everything is within reach. 


Evening & Weekend Classes

Get out of the house and meet other parents. Learn from each other as you work your way through creative exercises to uncover the particularities of your situation.


Treat your employees to something special. We have crafted three workshops that perfectly fit your lunch break. Ask HR to get in touch with us to book a slot. We look forward to working with you.


Three times a year we get together in an informal setting anywhere around London. Join us for a run around the woods, coffee and cake for tea, or a glass of wine in the evening. We invite friends from the fields of language, education, technology, and business to engage in lively discussions.


Content & Materials


Make sure to check our tools to get a feeling for the sort of help we're offering.