We want to design a Database and Starter Kit to empower you to create your own language-specific playgroups. Help spread the word: Join us on FB or at our quarterly meet ups, sign up to our magazine, and let us know what already exists in your area. 


The database enables parents to find playgroups and provides a central platform to attract more parents. We'd love to hear of your hyper local gatherings, tell us about them!

Haven’t found one yet and would love to know about other parents pursuing the same endeavour? Get in touch and we’ll facilitate exchange whenever possible.

Starter Kit
The Starter Kit is for parents interested in setting up a new language-specific playgroup in their area. It’s based on past experiences and helps you with formalising your idea. We believe you don’t have to reinvent the wheel anew and can benefit from our insights:

Here are a few questions it deals with:
- How do you find local parents who speak your language in your area?
- How do you judge what kind of space you need and where can you ask for support?
- What kind of activities/ program can you offer to attract more parents?
- How do you explain what you do and why to the wider community?

In addition to that, we include the full admin specs
- Why should you formalise email, groups, and web presence
- Print your own business cards, flyers, and posters (design provided)

Have we missed anything? Let us know, we’re happy to discuss it with you, either online or in person. If you have a genius idea on how we can make it even more accessible, get in touch. We look forward to meeting you.


For more information on the groups listed below, please get in touch with the organisers directly.


London, United Kingdom



N5 Coucou Loulou

N10 Club des bouts de choux

SE1, SE22, SW2 Les petits tigres

SE16 Les ptites grenouilles

SE19 Cadet Rousselle

SW12 Maude et Moi

SW5, SW12, SW15, SW16, SW19, SW20, W4, W12, SE21, N5 Le Club Arc En Ciel

W6, SW3, SW18, SW6, NW3, W2, SW15, NW8 Club Petit Pierrot



N7 Greek Saturday School at Grafton Primary School


E17 Camoes Institute After School Language Lessons at Walhamstow School for Girls

SE10 Pais e Filhos Portuguese Language Group



Have you heard of another stay&play/ playgroup/ Saturday school and would like to add to the list?