"This didn't exist when I needed it most so I set out to create one for parents"

Rebecca launched our playgroup database in June 2017.  It enables parents to find language-specific playgroups and provides a central platform to attract more participants. On top of that she also compiled our playgroup starter kit, which assembles all the wisdom she has collected in one neat place.

Andrea, James, and Johanna joined a year later as language emissaries and so our network keeps growing. We want to make it easier for you to connect with like-minded people and discover hyper-local socials. Tell us about the one in your neighbourhood, or better even help spread the word by joining the crew



For more information on the groups listed below, please get in touch with the organisers directly. We update this page four times a year in parallel to the release of our magazine. If you have questions, drop Rebecca a line at

Playgroups in London






N7 Greek Saturday School at Grafton Primary School


Online Community Little Italy



Saturday Schools

BR3, SE9, SM1, SW 19 Lingua Play


Multi-Language Franchise Groups



Would like to add another one to our list?

For example: London N1
Website, social media presence, or blog.


Haven’t found a language-specific playgroup in your area? Create your own with our playgroup starter kit. Would you like to know of other parents searching for the same? Get in touch and we’ll connect you whenever possible.