we had 21 participants in three groups


Every session started with a short 5-10 minute introduction and people answered two questions: who they are and what they find challenging about raising multilinguals. Drawing straws decided whether participants explored Red, Yellow, or Blue. Each colour team was lead by one of our helpers and had 10-15 minutes to look at the app concepts presented. Following this exploration, people gathered around the table, presented the app they were exposed to, and discussed solutions. The group discussion was moderated by Madalena.


The underlying question was: Is there a common thread in the feedback we’re getting, independently from the app concepts presented? The short answer is: Yes. It can be summed up as: parents want reminders.

Although parents have different priorities when it comes to reminders: Some prioritise words, some ideas, some activities, and some culture. There were other aspects, too. Parents like games for their children and parents like to be part of a community.


What does this mean for The Alma Collective? We will focus on a reminder system. This might sound boring but is actually not so surprising to us and includes a lot of the blue app’s content. We will tell you more about this in due time.

We will write two concept papers, which we’d love to take to other companies and argue for certain features to be created/ included. But this will take second place for now unless our team grows enormously.

We are playing with the idea of building a membership-based system to be able to act more freely as your chaperone in the future ie searching and acquiring visually pleasing children’s literature in your language(s). We know this exists out there. We will go out and find it for you. Have a look at our pinterest boards  - and please sign up to our free monthly magazine if you haven't already. 

Thanks so much!


Trivia: Here’s the brainstorming list of names our focus group participants came up with




Activity ideas book




Lingo Brain

Lingo World

Learning with Nature


Nature Capture

Outside Inside






Treasure Hunter

Wander Spaß

What is That?