Alma means leap (Greek), nurture (Latin) and soul (Portuguese). It is an apple (Hungarian), a space telescope (Chile) and an asteroid (390 Alma). It is a beautiful girl's name and shows the diversity and range of possibilities that exist out there.



About us


The Alma Collective was created by Madalena in 2016. Born in Brussels to a Greek father and German mother, she has experienced first hand what it means to grow up with a multitude of cultures and languages. This has shaped her life.

She launched the idea after graduating from Google Campus' Start Up School for Mums. She has experience managing language-specific playgroups, de­ve­loped a full course program for 0-5 year olds, co-created an immersive sports program, and is currently advising a series of pop-up play sche­mes across London.

Her background in design allows her to translate dry academic findings into practical ideas which can be implemented immediately. Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Instagram.


Rebecca grew up in Luxembourg with a German mother and a French father. She speaks four languages and her journey has taken her to several countries.

She now lives in London with her husband and two children who, just like her, are growing up in a multilingual and multicultural environment being exposed to English, German and Arabic. She knows first hand the challenges parents face who wish to pass on the gift of multilingualism to their children. 

How do you find people who speak the same language in your area? Rebecca wants to connect more people and offer the support they need to embark on a multilingual journey. At The Alma Collective she’s in charge of building our Playgroup Database and Starter Kit.

Her background is in law and you can learn more about her on her LinkedIn profile or send her an email.


The Alma Collective is you.

You are part of us. Child or adult, we welcome you to the fold and hope to hear about your adventures, soon. 


Your Language Emissaries


Community leaders at large, they are here to help you uncover the places to meet fellow parents raising multilingual children. Thanks to them all the insights you need are at your fingertips. Join their ship and let's set sail.

 Irish / James

Irish / James

 Portuguese / Andrea

Portuguese / Andrea

 Spanish / Johanna

Spanish / Johanna


Join the crew



Are you someone who seeks out language specific activities in your area and knows what's going on? Give your natural inclination a name and become an emissary with us. As part of our team of volunteers you will track your language playgroups, provide a digital shelter for them, build a map for easier discovery, and check every now and then if they haven't moved on. Full specs here.


We want to bring our ideas to live. Are you the one who dreams of coding a time tracker, has always wanted to design a book, or fantasised about the perfect data base? Tell us what's inspiring you and let's find a way to work on this together. 


If you're feeling inspired by creating events, love social media, or have an eye for design and detail, we'd love to hear from you. There's plenty to do at The Alma Collective on every level. Let's have a chat.