Alma means leap (Greek), nurture (Latin) and soul (Portuguese). It is an apple (Hungarian), a space telescope (Chile) and an asteroid (390 Alma). It is a beautiful girl's name and shows the diversity and range of possibilities that exist out there.


 We make raising multilingual children tangible.

Who we are


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The Alma Collective was created by Madalena in 2016

Madalena launched the idea after graduating from Google Campus' Start Up School for Mums. Born in Brussels to a Greek father and German mother she experienced first hand what it means to grow up with a multitude of cultures and languages. Her background in design allows her to translate dry academic findings into tangible ideas.


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Rebecca joined in 2017

After attending one of our workshops she swiftly took over the playgroup database initiative which has grown steadily. Her mother is German, her father French, and she currently lives in London with her Arabic-speaking husband and their two children. Rebecca’s background is law.


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Ellen started in 2019

Ellen is our newest recruit. With a background in engineering and sustainable development she was perfectly prepared for studying data sciences and applying her skills to our database. She is also managing our language emissaries and looking for new volunteers to expand the network.


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Judy joined in 2019 as an advisor on Alma's business strategy, social media presence and outreach. Her background in media and the start up scene allows her to combine video and planning seamlessly.


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Emma joined in 2018 to iron out any potential typos, grammatical hiccups, or linguistic faux-pas. There’re always some that might escape her keen eyes. If you spot any, tell her of your rare find:

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The Alma Collective is you.

You are part of us. Child or adult, we welcome you and hope to hear about your adventures soon.

Meet your language emissaries

These fantastic community leaders help you uncover places where parents raise multilingual children.







We’re looking for volunteers who want to let their languages shine.

If you believe like us that a more beautiful world is possible when we live languages please consider contributing to it in any way you can. Volunteer, freelancer, or influential decision-taker let’s chat